what we believe

We, at Lucky Missy Publishing, believe that magic results when
amazing talents merge to collaborate their visions, stories and illustrations.
It is our driving desire to create an experience for all that will
enrich lives, encourage relationships, create dreamers and mold lifetime memories.
Our mantra, as in the words of Henry David Thoreau "Goodness is the only
investment that never fails". We hope to inspire . . . one page at a time.


how it started

"Mommy . . . you're beautiful" That was all that he said
But the love it inspired and where it all led
was so unexpected but honest and true
I knew one day soon I would share it with you.
I'm the luckiest Mommy" he'd question that never,
in the world - in all heaven, for now and for ever.

My grandfather showed me that even small things
if we give with true love will make our hearts sing.
He called me Missy, a secret we shared,
it meant he adored me, and told me he cared.
Even then I felt lucky, as now I do,
and I knew that one day my dreams would come true.

Life's filled with moments that change us forever.
The good and the bad, it's all meant to make better
this life we're creating where kindness unfolds
and returns to the giver, a joy to behold!

My joy is my light, and my light is my son,
so we'll tell all our stories, and have so much fun!
To not share this with others, well, that'd be a crime,
we hope to change lives one page at a time.

the inspiring team

Michelle Scotton, chief page turner

After a full and rewarding twenty year career as an interior designer, Michelle shifted gears on to a new path in children's book publishing - all inspired by an especially profound and tender moment shared with her 3 year old son one February morning in 2012. His simple declaration of adoration and the imploring look in his eyes transported her back to a moment from her own childhood when she looked in to the eyes of her grandparents with that same intensity and a yearning for them to understand the depth of her heart. She feels so blessed in this full circle of unconditional love and desires now only to use her abilities to create and inspire such moments for others to share.

Tami Petitto, principle graphics genius

Tami took her love of drawing and painting into the digital world and earned a degree in Commercial Art and Design. She worked more than five years for a well-established advertising and design firm in Ashland, Ohio before opting for a career as a freelance graphic designer. Now with more than 13 years of experience in the field, Tami's home office in Medina, Ohio compliments a flexible schedule which allows her to spend time with two active children, practice Kenpo Karate and prepare meals her husband thinks are delicious.

Sidney Louis Fleishman, magical story creator

Sid has a degree in Journalism from Temple University. After serving time in the Air Force, he taught in the Philadelphia school system for over four years. He then moved into the world of commerce by opening his own business. Eventually, he transitioned into corporate marketing, where he was able to apply his creativity and writing skills towards the pursuit of greater sales for his employers' products. Now retired, Sid likes to bring inanimate objects to life. He's been doing it for over forty-five years. In fact, most of his friends are inanimate objects.

Jeanne Carr, chief doodle drawer

As a young girl growing up in Queens, New York, Jeanne attended Sunday art classes for children at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Her mother encouraged a childhood filled with art, music, poetry, theater and dance. Jeanne graduated from the highly respected Brooklyn Technical High School and was awarded a scholarship to the University of Akron in Ohio, where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with an emphasis in Drawing. She worked as an assistant Drawing and Painting teacher at the USDAN Center for the Creative and Performing Arts on Long Island. Her education included a college semester studying in Siena, Italy. As a child, Jeanne was an avid reader, immersing herself in the worlds she found in the stories and pictures of the books she loved. Now, as a mother of two boys, she continues to use art to inspire and teach her children. Jeanne lives with her husband and sons in Medina, Ohio. She continues to love books only now she is creating her own magical worlds through her beautiful illustrations and artistic talent.
Studio Works by Jeanne Carr

Melissa Jordan, chief craft creator

Melissa Jordan is an art educator and author of the popular blog The Chocolate Muffin Tree. With a BA in Art Education and a minor in studio art and secondary education from Kent State University, Melissa has more than 15 years of experience teaching years students from kindergarten through the 12th grade. She currently teaches visual arts to high school children in Sullivan, Ohio and in her spare time, inspires creativity in her daughter and shares their projects on her blog.
The Chocolate Muffin Tree

Kim Garra, content coach

Kim Garra is a Malone College graduate with degrees in Elementary and Early Childhood Education. With over 20 years of experience in teaching preschool aged children, Kim has continued her education, adding Special Education and Early Intervention. Kim currently teaches preschool and works as an aid for children with special needs. In her free time, she enjoys doing arts and crafts, biking with her husband and sharing time with close friends and family. Kim lives in Medina, Ohio with her husband and three children.

Melissa Brubaker, content coach

Teaching and spending time with young children has been her passion since she was very young. At just 5 years old, she decided she wanted to be a teacher and never really considered anything else! She's been involved in Montessori Preschool Education for over 25 years as a teaching assistant, a lead teacher, and as a director. Melissa also love spending time with her husband and their 3 growing boys. With a full schedule of baseball, soccer, band, and boy scouts, they are constantly on the go but all enjoy making time to read and enjoy the outdoors with their dog and extended families!
Around the Sun Montessori

Amy Sever, content coach

Amy Sever has a BS degree in Individual and Family Studies and Early Childhood Education with a focus in Child Development and Child Care Administration. She has enjoyed working with young children both as a teacher and child care administrator for more than 20 years. Amy is currently the co-owner/administrator and teacher of Around the Sun Montessori Preschool in Medina, Ohio. She is married to her high school sweetheart and has three active boys, two dogs, one cat, a hermit crab and occasional toads, salamanders, caterpillars or other critters her boys bring home.
Around the Sun Montessori

Ellen Zavagno, lead shutterbug queen

A love for art, nature and children, combined with a natural eye for photography led Ellen Zavagno to start Dog Ear Photography in 2011. She specializes in newborn, child, family and senior photos. Her hope is to capture personalities and memories in a creative and natural way. When she is not taking pictures, she has the privilege of being a stay at home Mom to her two children.
Dog Ear Photography

Troy Zavagno, video viking

Troy Zavagno started in video production in high school, which led him to study Electronic Media at Xavier University. In 2008, Troy started 3Z Video Productions. Troy strives to capture details and emotion in his videos and story telling is always his main goal. Wedding videography is 3Z Video Production's primary focus, although the company has also worked on many business and commercial projects.
3Z Video Productions

Sarah & Kristen, webmaster extraordinaires

Sarah Hastings (left) and Kristen Rosenstock (right) both graduated from Kent State University with degrees in Visual Communication Design in 2005. They were good friends in college, then bridesmaids in each others weddings, and loved each other's work ethic and design talent... so in 2009 they started their own design company, Frisch Creative Services. Frisch's specialty now is in creating unique and memorable wedding invitations, but also design fresh print and web design solutions. They are both animal lovers, both having a pup and two kitties. Sarah loves the outdoors and four-wheeling with her husband and friends, while Kristen enjoys practicing healthy living, yoga and staying home with her two energetic little girls.
Frisch Creative Services

Josh Nolan

Mr. Nolan represents clients in a wide range of litigation matters including commercial litigation, public construction contract disputes, consumer protection, employment law matters including non-competition agreements, non-disclosure agreements, trade secrets, debt collection, tort cases, criminal matters and property law. His experience includes advocating for clients in both state and federal court and administrative hearings with extensive electronic discovery experience. Mr. Nolan has experience performing investigations regarding sexual harassment and sexual misconduct for corporations and higher education institutions. He is experienced with Title IX, FERPA and Clery Act compliance and has drafted and reviewed student conduct, speech codes and crisis management policies and procedures. Mr. Nolan previously participated in the Summer Associate program at Buckingham, providing legal research and litigation support for cases involving nonprofit and public entities, commercial disputes, and intellectual property matters. Additionally, Mr. Nolan served as a Summer Law Clerk for the City of Cleveland's Department of Law where he researched and drafted various motions and appellate briefs for the civil litigation section. Mr. Nolan served as a research assistant at the University of Akron's School of Law, assisting with research on First Amendment and Ohio Constitutional issues.

Melanie Grubb, CPA

Raese, Strickland, Berry, Grubb & Nuske, Inc.