"The Legend of Tommy is a sweet and subtle message for children of all ages: that being different is not being wrong, it is being just right in a unique and special way. Kudos to Mr. Fleishman for Tommy's warm and uplifting story, and to Ms. Carr for her inspirational artistry." -Judith O.

"This is a great book! At first I tried to put it away so that we could get it out every Christmas but my 2 year old kept getting it out. So it has become a classic in my house as I am sure in many others too! It is such a wonderful story! I got the book last year when my son was 1 and Tommy was one of the many words in his vocabulary because he loved this book so much!" -Marcella R.

"A charming and lyrical story, this holiday tale spirits a tender and touching message. Delight in the joyful illustrations and the bonus craft project! FUN! FUN!" -Kim C

"Love the story, love the illustrations. My grandchildren enjoyed the book too. I can not wait for more tales .. I am so happy I bought this story for my Christmas book collection." -Dee R.